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Our Story

Get ready for a heart-warming love story! Carmela and Harry met online and hit it off right away, spending countless hours messaging and video-calling. Their connection was so strong that Harry decided to visit Carmela in the Philippines in May 2023, and they had the time of their lives traveling together. They knew they had found "the one" and continued their long-distance relationship with even more video calls.


Harry returned to the Philippines in November 2023 to celebrate their birthdays, 6monthsary and meet Carmela's family and friends - and there were a lot of them!

But that's not all - Carmela later visited the UK in December 2023 and stayed until February 2024. This was the time for Carmela to meet all of Harry's family and friends then unexpectedly to Carmela, Harry proposed to her before she went back to the Philippines!

While waiting for the Fiancé Visa, Harry decided to make a last minute trip - and I mean last minute trip! - back to the Philippines so they could celebrate their 1 year anniversary together on May 13th. During the trip they received news that the Visa was approved.

Carmela was finally able to return to the UK, mind-blowingly returning just three days after Harry came back from the very last minute trip!

Now they are happily spending time in each other company planning their wedding day and future together!

Our Prenuptial Photoshoot

A collection of our favourites

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